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Re: Copyright Question

<mike_skaggs@agilent.com> writes:

> Hi Chris
> Very pragmatic reasoning.  I wondered the same thing.  From a
> practical standpoint, why would someone ask us for source code (ie,
> order it, pay for replication costs, then wait for it to be shipped)

Not everybody who will get ahold of your product has a network
connection.  Debian won't be around forever.  

> when you could download immediately for free.  In any event we want
> to error on the side of caution and will cite the applicable
> language from the GPL.

The short form is that you probably have to distribute the source with
the binary -- say, on a CD -- or you have to offer to distribute the
source for three years.  That last is pretty onerous; it's probably
easier to drop a CD with a copy of the source *you use*, not just the
pure Debian source, into each box.

Just think -- you might end up with a community of people making
improvements to your firmware, and distributing them under the GPL
such that you can take advantage of it.


Brian Sniffen                                       bts@alum.mit.edu

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