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Re: Bug#284340: base-files: Please remove reference to UC in BSD license and add other licenses

On Sun, 5 Dec 2004 18:35:03 +0100 (CET) Santiago Vila wrote:

> reassign 284340 debian-policy
> thanks

Whooops...  :p

> > In other words, I would think that the following licenses belong in
> > /usr/share/common-licenses/  :
> > [...]
> You probably have not read base-files FAQ.

You are quite right: I haven't...
I apologize for this.  

The reason is that no such FAQ exists in Woody and I didn't know that
such a file was included in Sarge/Sid...  :p

> Please read the answer to this question:
> Q. Why isn't license "foo" included in common-licenses?

Mmmmh, I see. The answer is:

| A. I delegate such decisions to the policy group. If you want to
| propose a new license you should make a policy proposal to modify the
| paragraph in policy saying "Packages distributed under the UCB BSD
| license, Artistic license, GNU GPL and GNU LGPL should refer to the
| files in /usr/share/common-licenses". The way of doing this is
| explained in the debian-policy package. As usual, you should always
| take a look at already reported bugs against debian-policy before
| submitting a new one.

> IMHO, the licenses you propose to be added to
> /usr/share/common-licenses are short enough that no disk space is
> saved at all by having a "single" copy in base-files. For this reason
> I think we could even remove the current BSD license itself, since
> it's just 1499 bytes long.

Yes, they are fairly short.
But, IMVHO, having them in /usr/share/common-licenses would help to
clarify their differences and their canonical text and proper name.

Moreover the current BSD license includes (as I said) a particular
copyright holder's name: referring to it (or even copying & pasting it)
would often be a mistake.

I still think that my proposed common-licenses reordering would benefit

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