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Re: APT-HOWTO is under the GFDL

On Tue, 09 Nov 2004 11:01:28 -0200 Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:

> > > Should a bug be filed, in your opinion?
> > 
> > Definitely.
> Please do.

OK, I'll file a bug ASAP.

> > No, I don't think leaving it unspecified is an incorrect
> > application, though it doesn't exactly follow the application
> > guidelines in the GFDL itself.  I would tend to say that any work
> > under the GFDL which doesn't explicitly specify invariant sections
> > or cover texts should be assumed to have none.
> That's how I understand it myself.

I suspect that a strict interpretation of the GFDL could lead to the
opposite conclusion, but anyway...

> > This still doesn't make it DFSG-free, of course, so a bug should
> > still be filed.  Thank you for raising this issue.  If the Debian
> > project is going to advocate against the GFDL, we should certainly
> > not have any works under that license ourselves.
> Agreed. I didn't change it yet because I plan to do so for version 2,
> which is being written at the alioth's svn and because this was being
> ignored for sarge; I can do it for v1.x if it is a problem right now.

I'm very happy of hearing this!  :)
I really appreciate your good will to relicense.

> Thanks,

Thanks to you, indeed!  :)

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