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Re: Our Stance on new Sender ID Revision?

* Martin Schulze:

> According to a Reuters story, Microsoft's Sender-ID standard has been
> revised and will be resubmitted to the IETF.
> I wonder what people are thinking about this revision.
> Do we have a common stance on it?

Which revision?  The only thing that's been updated so far is the FAQ
(on October 25).  It reads:

| Q9: Why is a signed license required?
| A: The fact that the one must sign the license to be licensed is a
| good way to ensure that licensees know the terms under which the
| patented technology is being licensed and ensures that Microsoft
| receives a reciprocal license from each licensee.


This doesn't look very promising.  Other parts of the FAQ suggest that
mail server operators must sign a license, too.

We haven't got any evidence of a substantial change so far, and a
discussion appears to be premature.

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