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Re: your mail

On Wed, Oct 20, 2004 at 01:51:29PM +0100, Anthony Youngman wrote:
> Sorry, my goof. I shouldn't be sloppy. It's the FSF faq. "Is making and
> using multiple copies within one organization or company "distribution"?
> <>  ". As I read that, it's simply saying that the "you" in the FAQ can
> be a company, and as such internal distribution is just "use" and the
> GPL doesn't apply.

That makes sense.

Then again, easyco's page says:

    Local subsidiaries and franchisees are clearly separate business
    entities and considered distribution rather than use. Similarly,
    provision of non-GPL-compliant copies to independent contractors
    under non-GPL terms may constitute unpermitted distribution. When
    in doubt, have your attorney review your usage for compliance,
    or purchase a commercial QM license.

There's a bit of fud in there, and a bit of sales pitch, but they seem
to be leaving the boundaries in the same place as the fsf.

Mind you, in most companies the data is likely a lot more significant
than the code.  Hard coding business secrets into a program likely
indicates a lack of flexibility and is probably a sign that the business
is in trouble.


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