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xchat is now shareware in windoze


Navigating in the xchat site (debian package xchat),
I found in http://www.xchat.org/windows/  these sentences:

> Q. Has the license for X-Chat changed?
> A. The Windows version is shareware, however, you may still
> download the source code, released under the G.P.L.

> You may use X-Chat for Windows for free for 30 days. If,
> after this time, you would like to continue using the product,
> you are required to register. Registration is a one time fee
> of $20 USD (United States Dollars) or $25 AUD (Australian
> Dollars). You may pay using the Paymate service below, which
> accepts credit cards in both currencies.

Note: source is GPL, but for windoze binaries it is *required*
a registration.

So I propose to the debian maintainer, not to send patch
to upstream, without an explicit declaration that the patches
are licensed GPL-only and thus not available in non GPL code.

legal team: do you think it is good such requirement?
What do you think about such mix free/shareware in debian?
[note that I don't think all patch authors relicensed the


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