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Is javacc DFSG compliant?

Package: javacc
Version: 3.2+0-1
Severity: wishlist

I'm not a Debian developer, I'm not in any way a legal expert, nor am I
on the debian-legal list, but I found this odd, and a clarification
might be due.

The javacc (3.2+0-1 from main of sid) "LICENSE" reads:

    You acknowledge that  this software is not designed, licensed or
    intended for use in the design, construction, operation or
    maintenance of any nuclear facility.

Since javacc is not _licensed_ for operation in a nuclear facility,
wouldn't that be in violation of clause 6 of the DFSG:

    The license must not restrict anyone from making use of the program
    in a specific field of endeavor. For example, it may not restrict
    the program from being used in a business, or from being used for
    genetic research.

It's the "licensed" part that I wonder about.  That you should
acknowledge that the software isn't "designed" or "intended" for use in
a nuclear facility is probably not in violation of the DFSG, since it
doesn't explicitly forbid such usage.  However, it's not "licensed" for
such usage.

(No, I'm not in any way affiliated with any nuclear facility - that's
not the issue.)

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Sys Admin      Institut for Datalingvistik, Handelshøjskolen i København

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