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Re: non-free firmware: driver in main or contrib?

lewis@catbox.co.uk wrote:

>>>Of course, there's shades of gray, here. If all the driver does is emit
>>>a message CAN'T FIND NON-FREE FIRMWARE, ABORTING without the firmware,
>>>it's hard to say that it doesn't depend on the firmware. But if the
>> This applies to almost every driver in the Linux kernel. 
>Less than 14% of the driver source files in 2.4.26 even mention the word 
>'firmware'. Hardly 'almost every driver'.
You obviously missed the point. Almost every driver talks to a device
which needs some kind of firmware, but you obviously noticed the ones
which do not have it on a non-volatile medium.
Why should debian adopt a different policy if the vendor provides this
firmware on a CD instead of on a flash EEPROM chip?


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