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[Fwd: Re: firmware status for eagle-usb-*: non-distributable]

--- Begin Message --- Thanks for your answer, I have a mail from one of the developper of this software :

There's a wiki url to see about that :
It seems to me (Benoit Audouard) that you incorrectly inferred that we
want to change licence - which is not the case - as this driver has been
identified as GPL from the start by Analog Digital. All upstreams contributors have worked with GPL in fact and added
headers whenever necessary and possible, we may have forgot some
though ?
You may review the URL given and provide precisions about missing
points. I'll do my best to provide them, and I think that we'll have
Sagem and ADI contacts that are willing to work on these points, as soon

sorry for playing an intermediate role, the developper of the software will subscribe to debian-legal soon.


Martin Braure de Calignon

as they are provided with suficient information.

--- End Message ---

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