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gkrellmoon - maybe a stupid question

Hi debian-legal-folks,

i am working on gkrellmoon[1]. 

First of all, this package aims to be published under GNU Public 

In the tar.gz i found the following notice:

        This is just the code from glunarclock[2] warmed over and
        stuffed into a gkrellm plugin. Of course, glunarclock is just
        wmMoonClock[3] stuffed into a gnome applet.

        Anyway, all I did was the write gkrellmoon.c, all the rest is
        from somewhere else.

I looked for the two other packages and it looks like they are both
published under the GPL as well.

But examining the sourcecode (the c-files) of the package[1] i only

        (C) Mike Henderson <mghenderson@lanl.gov>
        Josh Buhl <jbuhl@users.sourceforge.net>

without listing under which license this stuff is published. Is it
enough that the whole package says it is published under license X
without mentioning this in every file?

What should i do?


[1] http://gkrellmoon.sourceforge.net/
[2] http://glunarclock.sourceforge.net/
[3] http://dockapps.org/download.php/id/21/wmMoonClock-1.27.tar.gz

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