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Re: OpenOffice.org (LGPL) and hspell (GPL)

Rene Engelhard wrote:
> Josh Triplett wrote:
>>I think the ideal solution would be to change hspell so that it can
>>build outside of the OO.o source tree; as far as I know, it is OK to
>>have some GPLed and some non-free plugins for the same LGPLed program,
>>as long as they are not all distributed together.
> The hspell component uses the normal hspell lib (no problem here if
> we build from the hspell sourcepkg). But it also uses "private" headers
> and libraries from OpenOffice.org. The libraries are in
> openoffice.org-bin but the headers not in -dev. We could put all headers
> into -dev but I don't think this is a grandious idea wrt size and there
> probably is a reason why those headers don't appear in the SDK...

How many such headers does it use?  If the interface is not expected to
change often, hspell could do what programs which need linux kernel
headers must do: include the headers it needs in the source package.

> Well, so it could only be built from hspell and not from us, so we can't
> "fix that bug" yet easily. Pity..

The license would permit it, and a GPLed OO.o wouldn't be *that*
troublesome; the only major consequence would be that oo.o-java would
need to go away.

- Josh Triplett

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