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Bits from debian-legal between 2004-08-30 and 2004-09-05

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There were 7 threads with more than 3 posts:

cdrecord: weird GPL interpretation, over 40 posts from 1 Sep to 3 Sep, 

GPL-licensed packages with depend-chain to OpenSSL, over 30 posts this 
week to 5 Sep, 

license for eSvn, over 10 posts on 5 Sep, 

GPL "or any greater version", under 10 posts this week to 2 Sep, 

status of license for pyMPI, under 10 posts from 2 Sep to 3 Sep, 

Web application licenses, under 10 posts this week to 1 Sep,

GPL Compatibility of IFRIT License, under 10 posts on 30 Aug, 

No bits author picks for this period. Apologies for the late arrival 
of this summary. Help wanted - apply by email.

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