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Re: Web application licenses

Michael Poole <mdpoole@troilus.org> writes:

> Brian Thomas Sniffen writes:
>> The motion picture/audiovisual phrase doesn't apply at all.  And the
>> device-or-process bit doesn't help you, because unlike the case of
>> playing a CD or a player piano, I still don't see the output at all.
>> I do not perceive the work in any way.
> Come again?  Exactly how do you interact with the program if you don't
> perceive it?

I don't interact with Postfix.  I also don't interact with the
kernel.  I interact with things that interact with those -- Gnus, and 
Emacs, for example.  But many of the commands I run don't give me any
output; they just change the state of the world in some way.  Often,
those ways are not perceivable to me.


Brian Sniffen                                       bts@alum.mit.edu

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