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Re: ocaml, QPL and the DFSG: QPL 6c argumentation.

Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS wrote:
> Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr>:
>>Privacy problem ? Could you clearly define that. If the author is able to make
>>a request to you, your privacy is already lost anyway. This is if i understand
>>this argument right.
> As I explained earlier, it might be public knowledge (because of press
> releases and job adverts) that you are modifying compiler X to exploit
> the new CPU architecture that you are developing and that you are
> distributing a prototype of the compiler to partners. However, you
> don't want to publicly release the code itself because the code would
> reveal details of the CPU architecture that you do not want the world
> to know about yet.

I would like to point out again that while I do think 6c is a problem,
the case you describe is not one we want to allow, and not one the GPL
would allow either.  The problem with 6c is that you can't distribute
modifications privately to only a few people/organizations, even when
you grant those people/organizations all the Freedoms of Free Software.
 Your proposed scenario implies that you are restricting the rights of
the "partners" to distribute your software and/or get its source, which
is not something we need the right to do.

- Josh Triplett

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