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Re: DRAFT: debian-legal summary of the QPL

Matthew Garrett wrote:

> Right, that's basically my point. There's plenty of grey fuzziness here,
> and the QPL falls within it. debian-legal have produced some tests in an
> attempt to clarify which bits of the grey fuzziness are free or not, but
> they're effectively arbitrary - they haven't been well discussed within
> the project as a whole. If we're going to make decisions about the grey
> fuzziness, we need to do it in a way that includes a much wider range of
> the developer body.

They don't want to discuss it.  Here's this mailing list and we invite
anyone to participate.  When we bring it up on a wider mailing list, we're
told that it's off-topic.  

> Until that's done, there's no intrinsic reason for 
> debian-legal's idea about the location of the line to be better than
> anyone else's opinion.

We've thought about it and discussed it; they haven't!  That is an intrinsic

Look, I'd be happy (if I was a DD already...) to propose GRs to settle some
of these issues once and for all.  But I'm not, and people complain about
*that* too.

Thanks for your informed discussion on why you disagree with some of these
tests; you are the rare bird around here and contribute a lot to the

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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