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Re: GPL-compatible, copyleft documentation license


> Florian Weimer <fw@deneb.enyo.de>:
>> * Branden Robinson:
>> >   In the copyright holder's understanding, re-imposition of the
>> >   requirements of sections 2a and and 2c by those creating a derivative
>> >   work is not allowed, since those restrictions never attached to this
>> >   work; see section 6. This work can be combined with another work licensed
>> >   under the GNU General Public License, version 2, but any section 2a and
>> >   2c restrictions on the resulting work would only attach only due to the
>> >   copyright license on the work(s) with which this work is combined and for
>> >   which those restrictions are in force.
>> Isn't this at least a bit self-contradicting?  Why produce such a mess
>> in the first place?
> To me it seems potentially useful to release licensees from those
> requirements.

I agree, but at the same time, Branden explicitly forbids to
re-introduce these requirements, creating the GPL compatibility issue.

> As I understand it moral rights are not portable in the way that
> copyright is, so it might not even be possible to deal with moral
> rights without hiring a huge international team of lawyers and
> producing a multilingual licence the size of a small book.

Creative Commons is doing this already, so why not use their efforts?

>>  It doesn't special-case distribution of printed
>> copies, which means that the GPL provisions apply.  These provisions
>> pretty much rule out small-scaleprinting and redistribution because of
>> the "valid for at least three years" rule.
> I don't think that's a huge problem in practice. If you tell the
> people to whom you give the hard copy that they must download the
> source within the next 48 hours, then that probably counts as giving
> them the source.

This is not GPL-compatible, and not comptible with Branden's license.

> If you're selling the hard copies then you can probably afford to
> include a CD.

I don't think there are affordable self-publishing deals that also
include CD production, but I could be wrong.

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