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Re: cc65 licensing

Ullrich von Bassewitz writes:

> After downloading the sources, you claim that the all compiler sources refer
> to the new license. I prove this wrong. Now you're keeping up with some more
> claims, that just show that you didn't look at the original JRD sources. I'm
> maintaining my original assertion that you are nothing more than a sucker who
> is out for some trolling. Go away. I will no longer answer any of your mails.

I can see you don't want to accept that your actions caused actual
confusion (and not only on my part) over licensing.  It's rude to
claim that I am a troll because of that, and it is even ruder for you
to put words in my mouth as you did at several points in your email.

Is it so hard to add one or two lines to those four files: "Portions
copyright 1989 John R. Dunning.  See copyleft.jrd for license
information."?  That would have been enough to avoid this whole

> Can someone else please tell me if this guy is in some way affiliated with
> Debian?

I am a Debian user, not a Debian developer.

Michael Poole

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