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Re: How long is it acceptable to leave *undistributable* files in

On Sun, 2004-06-20 at 10:32, Francesco Poli wrote:
> On Sun, 20 Jun 2004 10:16:53 -0400 Raul Miller wrote:
> > Consider, for example, building emacs against a third party supplied
> > proprietary libc.
> That would possibly require modifying Emacs source code and that's the
> creative act (it would create a derivative work, no doubt about that).
> OTOH, when you issue the classical
> $ ./configure
> $ make
> commands, you are not performing any creative act.
> Do you agree?

I think the point is that a statically-linked program would contain code
from the proprietary library.

Evan Prodromou <evan@debian.org>

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