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Re: How long is it acceptable to leave *undistributable* files in the kernel package?

On Fri, 18 Jun 2004 13:06:37 -0700 Josh Triplett wrote:

> I would argue that while the new Social Contract makes it
> unambiguously clear that the DFSG applies to non-programs (such as
> documentation, etc), both the old and new Social Contracts clearly
> apply to "software".
>  While it has been disputed that non-programs such as documentation
>  are
> software, firmware seems to be a program and therefore software, which
> is covered under both Socal Contracts.

The traditional distinction that I'm aware of is between hardware,
software and firmware: so someone will say that firmware is not

Instead, I think that `firmware' *is* software and should be treated as
such, especially as long as it can be embedded in a software source
That is, firmware is a particular kind of software:

 (a) hardware
 (b) software
     (b.0) firmware
     (b.1) system programs
     (b.2) application programs
     (b.3) documentation
     (b.4) data
     (b.?) ...

> > Current policy is that firmware types 1, 3, and 4 have to go. We
> > cannot change our policy such that 1 can stay; that is illegal. If
> > 3) and 4) are not copyright infringement (I and others believe they
> > are, Michael and others believe they are not, that is what this
> > debate is about), we*could* potentially suspend the SC/DFSG and
> > release with them. I think this is also a bad idea, but it's
> > feasible. If 3) and 4) are copyright infringement, then we must
> > remove them as well.
> Agreed.  For what it's worth, I also believe that cases 3 and 4 are
> copyright infringement.

I agree too.

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