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DBD::InterBase licence

--[Cc: me, I am not subscibed]--


I am considering DBD::InterBase perl module and I am stuck with its license.

Copyright (c) 1999-2004 Edwin Pratomo

You may distribute under the terms of either the GNU General Public
License or the Artistic License, as specified in the Perl README file,
with the exception that it cannot be placed on a CD-ROM or similar media
for commercial distribution without the prior approval of the author.

IMHO the above "exception" seems to contradict with first clause of DFSG:
Free Redistribution
The license of a Debian component may not restrict any party from selling or giving away the software as a component of an aggregate software distribution containing programs from several different sources. The license may not require a royalty or other fee for such sale."

Since I am not a lawer, and since the policy suggests to ask here if in doubt, I am asking for your opinion. Is the above license DFSG-compliant or not?

--[Cc: me, I am not subscibed]--

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