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Re: request-tracker3: license shadiness

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004, Josh Triplett wrote:
> In that case, would you consider the clause Free if it said "when
> the author of such alterations submits them for inclusion in the
> work"?  That would make such assignment entirely voluntary.

Possibly. I'm not entirely enthused about clauses like this because
they really don't have any reason to be in a license at all.

Companies like this should do due dilligence and request copyright
assignment or specific licensing before incorporating a patch rather
than relying on their license to do it for them. [Ie, do what the FSF
does for contributions to GNU projects...]

If possible, I'd strongly suggest that someone suggest to companies
and licensors with similar terms follow the lead of the FSF. It's the
intelligent way to avoid a SCO like case that actually has merits.

Don Armstrong

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