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Re: gens License Check - Non-free

On Tue, Jun 08, 2004 at 09:58:57AM -0600, Benjamin Cutler wrote:
> Humberto Massa wrote:
> >Well, it is if you yank off the non-GPL parts. If you meant the
> >_pristine_, untouched source tarball, yes, it's not distributable.
> >
> >If gens is still usable/useful without the non-free parts, you can
> >package it this way (/vide/ all the flam^W healthy discussions about
> >the non-free parts in the kernel over this list).
> >
> The mpg123 portions would probably be replacable with SMPEG with some 
> work, but Starscream is the main CPU emulation core, so, no, that won't 
> work. MAYBE I could figure out some way to split it off as a non-free 
> shared library and have gens depend on it... that might be worth looking 
> into.

No amount of hoop-jumping will help you here. It's still clearly a
derivative work of starscream.

m68k is not a difficult chip to emulate, and there are plenty of other
emulators for it out there. There's probably something which could
replace it, resulting in a package which is both distributable and
DFSG-free (given that mpg123 is easy to replace).

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