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Re: gens License Check - Non-free

@ 08/06/2004 12:58 : wrote Benjamin Cutler :

Humberto Massa wrote:

Well, it is if you yank off the non-GPL parts. If you meant the
_pristine_, untouched source tarball, yes, it's not distributable.

If gens is still usable/useful without the non-free parts, you can
package it this way (/vide/ all the flam^W healthy discussions about
the non-free parts in the kernel over this list).

The mpg123 portions would probably be replacable with SMPEG with some work, but Starscream is the main CPU emulation core, so, no, that won't work. MAYBE I could figure out some way to split it off as a non-free shared library and have gens depend on it... that might be worth looking into.

I can't even find the original source page for Starscream any more...

Other (better!) option would be try the Starscream original author to release under a more liberal license (BSD/MIT/2clause or even the GPL). As to mpg123, what about mpg321 ??


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