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Re: Bug#251983: libcwd: QPL license is non-free; package should not be in main

On Fri, Jun 04, 2004 at 05:15:50AM +0200, Carlo Wood wrote:
> If this is agreed upon by everyone - then it makes sense to talk
> about the choice of venue versus choise of law thing.
> Provided that libcwd WILL be included in Debian, I am willing to
> change the wording of the last sentence into one that only states
> a choice of law, not venue.  But then it must be very clear that
> that is enough for making the license pass DFSG as such a change
> would be irrevocable.

We cannot promise that we will not find other issues with the package
or license in the future. We can say that choice of venue clauses are
bad, while choice of law clauses are okay.

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