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Re: IBM documentation license

I'm only going to comment where I disagree with or want to amplify Mr.

On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 04:36:24PM -0400, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> >       Such reproduction must be accompanied by the following credit
> >       line: "Reprinted by permission from International Business
> >       Machines Corporation copyright (year)" which should include the
> >       years in the original copyright notice for publication named.
> Acceptable restriction.

Requires precise wording.  No translation allowed.  Not DFSG-free.

> >       The credit line normally should appear on the page where the
> >       reproduction appears either under the title or as a footnote.
> Unsure, but "normally should" seems to give some broad leeway.

Not enough, IMO.

> >       It is the understanding of INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES
> >       CORPORATION that the purpose for which its publications are being
> >       reproduced is accurate and true as stated in your attached
> >       request.
> So the permission only applies to a specific "attached request"?...

That's bad.

> >       No permission is granted to use trademarks of International
> >       Business Machines Corporation and its affiliates apart from the
> >       incidental appearance of such trademarks in the titles, text, and
> >       illustrations of the named publications. The appearance should not
> >       be of a manner which might cause confusion of origin or appear to
> >       endorse non-IBM products. Any proposed use of trademarks apart
> >       from such incidental appearance requires separate approval in
> >       writing and ordinarily cannot be given.
> This is fine; trademark protection clauses should all look like this.

Well, they should certainly look more like this than the garbage that is
in the BSD license.

> > 
> >       This information contains sample application programs in source
> >       language, which illustrates programming techniques on various
> >       operating platforms. You may copy, modify, and distribute these
> >       sample programs in any form without payment to IBM,
> This is a license grant for the 'sample programs', and it's a broader
> license grant than the general grant for the 'documentation'...

Where's the permission to distribute modified copies?  I see no
"and/or".  This is the UWash/PINE problem.

> >       If you are viewing this information softcopy, the photographs and
> >       color illustrations may not appear.
> Informational, no effect.

Depends on what "may not" means.  Sometimes I just love my native
language.  :(

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