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Re: DFSG#10 [was: Re: Draft Debian-legal summary of the LGPL]

On Wed, 19 May 2004 09:59:55 +0200 Andreas Barth wrote:

> * Francesco Poli (frx@firenze.linux.it) [040519 00:25]:
> > I'm not quite happy with DFSG#10:
> If it's not a bug, then don't fix it. We have enough problems with
> unnecessary changes to the SC, so please leave DFSG#10 alone.

But I feel that it could be seen as a bug.
I'm not quite comfortable with this `grandfathering' thing.
It could become a slippery slope: someone may come up with something

"if the GPL is not-quite-free, but it's considered free anyway only
because it's grandfathered by DFSG#10, why cannot the
<put_your_favourite_non-free_license_here> be grandfathered as well?"

I'm not asking this, but if someone else asks?

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