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Re: Requiring registration of GPL software

Henning Makholm wrote:
> Indeed, this is excactly the policy that most of us applies to
> _foreign_ free software that happens to be in our possession. For
> example, I have on my computer the source for a work derived from (a
> rather old release of) the Linux kernel, and I'm licensed to
> distribute my derivate freely. But I'm not *actually* distributing my
> kernel to anyone save for people who contact me personally and ask me
> sufficiently nicely to have it.
> By adopting this policy, neither I nor the E4 developers are doing
> anything that conflicts with our oblications under the GPL.

Thanks you all, you've been quite helpful (the quoted reply is especially
clear). I am quite relieved now, knowing that I'll not be
using/modifying/etc. some undistributable software.

Kind regards,

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