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Re: Requiring registration of GPL software

@ 20/05/2004 12:04 : wrote Michael D. Crawford :

 Whether the E4 developers are doing wrong depends on who holds the

 If it's all their own code, and there is no other GPLed source
 included (that is copyright by someone else), the E4 developers have
 the right to do this.

 The license they are granting you specifies what you may do with it,
 and what you would be required to do if you further redistribute it.
 It doesn't place any burden on the copyright holder.

 However, if E4 is not all their own code, I would say this is a GPL

 Look through the source files and see who holds all the copyrights.


No. No. No. Sorry. No.

AFAIK they are distributing in the ZIP file the source code. I did not see the binary code being distributed, and being no Matlab whiz I don't know if there is any. But... As long as they don't add any restrictions after you open and unzip the files, they are safe. They are applying GPL#3, 'a', "accompanying it with the complete source code", and they would not be adding any restrictions.

No person is obligated to distribute anything /as per/ the GPL, except if this person is already separately distributing something else.


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