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Re: Cronyx Tau-ISA obfuscated driver

O Martes, 18 de Maio de 2004 ás 09:16:25 +0200, Stephane Bortzmeyer escribía:

> Free/non-free? (Only an academic interest, I did not use this driver
> yet.)
> Cronyx Tau-ISA driver

 Well, if the source code is obfuscated, it is not really useful source code
for humans to modify or learn from; so it would ultimately fail DFSG #2.

 Now, if the license it is distributed under allows de-obfuscation, then
there would be a way around this: someone fixes and documents the source
code and distributed it; this de-obfuscated source code would be DFSG#2
source code. But if they want to "preserve the market value" (whatever they
mean by that), the license is unlikely to allow that, so it would fail DFSG



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