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Cronyx Tau-ISA obfuscated driver

Free/non-free? (Only an academic interest, I did not use this driver

Cronyx Tau-ISA driver

URL: http://www.cronyx.ru/hardware/wan.html

Announced on a FreeBSD list:

ctau(4) driver for Cronyx Tau-ISA was added. Cronyx Tau-ISA is family of
synchronous WAN adapters with various set of interfaces such as V.35,
RS-232, RS-530(449), E1 (both framed and unframed). This is a second
family of Cronyx adapters that is supported by FreeBSD now. The first
one was Cronyx Sigma-ISA, cx(4).

Cronyx Tau-PCI family will become a third one. The peculiarity of this
driver that it contains private code. This code is distributed as
obfuscated source code with usual open source license agreement.Since
code is protected by obfuscation it is satisfy needs of commerce. On the
other hand it still stays a source code and thus it becomes closer to
open source projects. I hope this form of private code distribution will
become a real alternative to object form.

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