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Re: sendmail X license (fwd)

Richard A Nelson wrote:

> I've been asked to run this by a larger audience...
> They honestly want feedback, so I'll collect any
> thoughts/gripes/whathaveyou and send them back.
"Use, modification and redistribution (including distribution of any
modified or derived work) of the Software in source and binary forms is
permitted only if each of the following conditions are met:"

Consider saying "...permitted provided all of the following..."

"...permitted only if each of the following..." is a restriction, but
doesn't actually grant permission.  I suspect courts would be kind and rule
that it was meant to, but you might as well get it right.

Moving on, clause 4 doesn't really belong in a copyright license, though
it's OK.

4. Neither the name, trademark or logo of Sendmail, Inc. (including
   without limitation its subsidiaries or affiliates) or its contributors
   nor the University of California or its contributors names may be
   used to endorse or promote products, or software or services derived
   from this Software without specific prior written permission. The
   name "sendmail" is a registered trademark and service mark of
   Sendmail, Inc.

Apparently none of these rights are granted regardless of whether you
specify this.  This belongs next to the disclaimers.

Clause 5 is problematic.
"We reserve the right to cancel this license if you do not comply with
   the terms."

"This license is governed by California law"

"and both of us
   agree that for any dispute arising out of or relating to this Software,
   that jurisdiction and venue is proper in San Francisco or Alameda
No we don't.  This is non-free.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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