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Re: The draft Position statement on the GFDL

@ 13/05/2004 20:05 : wrote Raul Miller :

Sure -- if some terms are provided which give me rights, then those
terms mean that I have rights.  But the copyright notice doesn't give
me any rights -- it's a statement that those rights are reserved to the
copyright owner.
Raul, when I put
(C) Humberto Massa 2004
I am not reserving any rights nor de-reserving them. Other dispositions (being them alongside the text or not*) do that. The copyright notice has _only_ _one_ _purpose_: to indicate the name of the copyright holder(s)

* = if the dispositions were obligated to be alongside the work, then the printing contract of every book would have to be alongside the text, all the copyright disposition/contracts of a movie would have to be shown with the credits... you got the meaning


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