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Re: Theoretical Library License

Humberto Massa wrote:
@ 10/05/2004 16:26 : wrote Benjamin Cutler :

>> **The library itself would be GPL.**
I don't like your license, but I think you're right... but... You tried to specify the license of programs linking to (using?) your library... but forgot to permit free (re-?)distribution/modification of the library itself, which renders the library non-DFSG-free...

I just added some additional freedoms/terms for people who want to make commercial/proprietary/closed source programs with it, as the GPL as I understand it requires programs using GPL libraries to be GPL themselves.

3. If you wish to SELL your program or otherwise charge for its distribution, and NOT include the source code and/or otherwise make it non-freely redistributable, licensing terms must be worked out with the author of <the library> in advance.
---end license
This one is a no-op... IF you are the sole copyright holder of the library.

I realize it's a no-op, but I consider it a clarification for people who might want to use it to write proprietary programs using it that they must work that out with me in advance, and that the option is available.

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