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Theoretical Library License

I was giving a little thought to a library I might write, and was thinking of a few things that would concern me about its use. I whipped up a quick license governing its use. I'm thinking that it's still DSFG-free because it allows a choice, one of which is the GPL, but I thought I should run it by here first just in case. The library itself would be GPL.

---start license
Programs using this library fall under one of the following license terms: (choose one)

1. Distribution must be consistent with all terms of the GNU GPL. (The primary concern being that distributing the program must include an offer of source code, whether or not you're selling the program or giving it away for free.)

2. You may distribute your program in a pre-compiled form, WITHOUT releasing source code, but you MAY NOT charge for its distribution whatsoever. You must also include notice of the use of this library somewhere in your credits or documentation.

3. If you wish to SELL your program or otherwise charge for its distribution, and NOT include the source code and/or otherwise make it non-freely redistributable, licensing terms must be worked out with the author of <the library> in advance.
---end license

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