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Re: Fwd: reiser4 non-free?

On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 12:34:46PM -0700, Hans Reiser wrote:
> Please consider my distinction between a credit (public television in 
> the USA has them), and an ad (for profit broadcast television has them).

Both are ads.  One just makes a poor attempt at failing to mention an
actual product making a credit on PBS nearly indistinguishable from
most pharmeceutical commercials.
> I don't find the credits annoying, I don't like the ads.  Maybe the 
> broadcasters could make more effort to make the ads less annoying and 
> more informative, but their sense of civic duty is too lacking.
> I do like well funded television shows.....

Maybe if you'd watch more television instead of trying to be a lawyer
this thread could have died long ago.

I'll be blunt.
Your current shenanigans, including the misuse of the term plagiarism,
discourage me from recommending reiserfs and to strongly contemplate
removing it from systems I am responsible for.
I suspect that others have well, they just haven't bothered to tell you.

Your desire to advertise, advertise, and advertise runs contrary to the
Unix philosophy of "Don't output a damn thing if it ran right, and 
frequently don't output a damn thing if it failed miserably."
I don't want to see your parp.

Your desire to tinker with the license flies in the face of the GPL.

If you're so damned sure that your desire to put advertising in the code
is right and won't alienate your users, get a lawyer that does software
licenses to draw up one to your specifications and kindly shut up until
1) Get the license drafted
2) Get all of the reiserfs copyright holders to sign off on using the license.

As an alternative, perhaps you could talk with Theo DeRaadt about porting
Reiserfs to OpenBSD.

Chris Dukes
Been there, done that, got the slightly-charred t-shirt. -- Crowder

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