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Re: moosic package contains obfuscated code

On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 09:56:23AM +0200, Nicolas Évrard wrote:
> Indeed, that's what I tought but it is strange to obfuscate script code
> and I don't think that be encouraged. Someone using moosic is not
> running out of space.

Note that reducing the amount of space required at runtime tends to
improve performance -- memory is implemented in many tiers, and the less
space you occupy, the greater the probability you'll have that the stuff
you need is in one of the faster tiers.

Mind you, efficiency can also be addressed in a variety of other ways
(for example: different coding style, different language, different
libraries, different feature set, ...).

Anyways, I've not looked at this very closely, but I don't think the
obfuscation squeezeTool does is any worse than the obfuscation gcc does.


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