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Re: Redistributing PHP Licensed code under LGPL app

Marc Fargas (TeLeNiEkO) wrote:

> Hi folks. I'm working on a php application that is licensed under the LGPL
> license but I need to include a few files from http://pear.php.net that
> are licensed under the PHP license.
> Then the question is: Can I redistribute those PHP licensed files with my
> LGPL application?
If it's "mere aggregation", you would be allowed to...

But if you "need to" include them, it might not be.  First determine whether
your application is a derivative work of the files from pear.php.net.
If not, you're clear.  This is an annoying question, because it's factual.

Then check the PHP license to see whether you can distribute the files under
the terms of the LGPL.  If so, you're clear.  (I couldn't find the PHP
license offhand, so I can't tell you.)

Then check: do the files only "use" your application as a library?  If so,
you're clear.

Otherwise, you can't.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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