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Re: Redistributing PHP Licensed code under LGPL app

On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 02:10:59AM +0200, Marc Fargas (TeLeNiEkO) wrote:
> Hi folks. I'm working on a php application that is licensed under the LGPL
> license but I need to include a few files from http://pear.php.net that are
> licensed under the PHP license.
> Then the question is: Can I redistribute those PHP licensed files with my
> LGPL application?

We can try to answer your question, if you include (inline, preferably,
not a URL) the text of the "PHP" license in question.  (I'd guess the
answer is "probably", since "license compatibility" is less of an issue
with the LGPL than the GPL.)

We can't give legal advise, though.  You'd probably be better off asking
the FSF.

Glenn Maynard

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