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Is SystemC license compatible with the GPL ?

[ I know this is out topic here, but I've already sent this mail twice
  to  gnu@gnu.org, twice  to  the discussion  list  of the  fsfeurope,
  another time  to the SystemC mailing  list, and didn't  get a single
  answer :-( ]


I've developped a  piece of software using GCC as  a C++ front-end and
the SystemC library.

The  SystemC  license can  be  found  from  www.systemc.org (And  I've
temporarily put a copy here:
http://www-verimag.imag.fr/~moy/vrac/License.pdf )

I would like to know wether it is legal to distribute this software and wether
it is possible to do so under a free license.

The architecture of the software is as follow :

  +------------+       +-------------+       +-------------+
  |            |       |             |       |             |
  |     A      |       |      B      |       |      C      |
  |            |       |             |       |             |
  |  SystemC   |<--1-->| My software |<--2-->|     GCC     |
  |            |       |             |       |             |
  +------------+       +-------------+       +-------------+

Where <--n--> can be either a static or a dynamic link.

I would  like to  use as permissive  licenses as possible.  Ideally, I
would like the following :

A = SystemC license

Is this possible ?
(From what I understood, I can distribute A+B and let the user download C and
compile A+B+C himself)

If not, do you have a solution ?

Or maybe, the following would fit :

A = Dual license GPL + (L)GPL
B = (L)GPL


Thanks a lot for your help,


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