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Re: Fwd: reiser4 non-free?

MJ Ray wrote:

XFree86 and I want our software to be free but not plagiarizable.

Great! I look forward to you both fixing your licences.

Our licenses are free and not plagiarizable. GPL V2 is plagiarizable in the view of folks at debian who felt free to remove the credits.

Assault is the wrong analogy, lying is what plagiarism is. Having a license that prevents lying about who did what is not a restriction on freedom any more than laws against fraud restrict freedom of speech.

In general, I want software to not be plagiarizable, as I think it works against the societal interest to not attribute accurately.

I agree.

So support those who do something to stop plagiarism.

Saying that plagiarism is an important freedom is like saying assault is something you must be allowed to do if you are to be considered free.

No-one has said that. You seem to be constructing straw men.

In case you missed it, the problem which makes XFree86's latest licence definitely non-free (not just GPL-incompatible) is independent of their advertising clause.

What problem do you speak of?

And call it a credit clause, not an advertising clause. Advertisements sell products, credits describe who made the project happen.

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