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Re: Prefered License for forums content

Sebastian Feltel <sebastian@feltel.de> wrote:
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> Hi,
> I run the german speaking website debianforum.de which is I blieve the
> largest online community for debian support and discussions in Germany.
> For the postings and the published content I´ve selected the GNU FDL
> some times ago. Reading debian-devel, other lists and the DFSG-FAQ I
> noticed/realized that this license is partially incompatible with the
> DFSG. Beause I run a Debian website and I belive in the project and its
> ideals I want to use the same licenses and standards as the Debian
> project itself.
> Wich license (which fits the documentation needs and is DFSG-compatible)
> would you use if you were in my situation?

GPL.  The only real problem with the GPL with respect to documentation
comes about when people want to do make some printed versions on a
small scale.  It is a bit annoying to have to distribute the source to
whatever you printed out.  But for an online discussion board, that
should never arise.

There are other copyleft licenses, but they all seem to be
incompatible with each other.  Moreover, the GPL is the most widely

This is assuming you want a copyleft license.  If you don't need
copyleft, then just a MIT style license would be fine.

Walter Landry

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