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Re: Fwd: reiser4 non-free?

On Mon, 03 May 2004 09:58:30 +0300, mjt@nysv.org (Markus =?UNKNOWN?Q?T=F6rnqvist?=)  said:

> It's really quite a shame that the best distro around is so rigid
> as to not allow Reiser's minor, and understandable, addition in
> his licensing.

The idiomatic phrase for this is "slippery slope" - it's much easier (and
morally justifiable) to draw a hard line and and say "everybody on that
side of the line goes in non-free" without exceptions.  If you accept Hans'
"minor addition", then you get to fight the "but *my* minor addition isn't
much bigger than Hans', why can't *my* stuff go in free too?" fight for
every single package.

And I will advance the suggestion that the entire "We don't care how many users
we have, we will stick to the highest principles no matter what" philosophy is
a large part of *WHY* Debian is the sort of distribution it is.  Yes, they
probably *could* be less rigid about this issue.  But then they'd lose a large
part of what makes Debian be Debian, rather than some other distribution...

> Wouldn't mkfs -f > /dev/null be adequate suppression?

Redirecting to /dev/null at the time you *MOST* want to be paying very
close attention to everything that's output... Bad idea. :)

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