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Re: Squeak in Debian?

Scripsit Jakob Bohm <jbj@image.dk>

> The term "under your direct control" typically does not refer to
> physical access or knowledge of the root password etc., it
> usually refers to "under your [licensee as legal entity] direct
> [legal] control", that is any computer that the licensee (which
> may be a person, company, organisation etc.) has the *legal*
> command over, typically by owning, renting, leasing, borrowing,
> getting as sponsorship etc.

That's even worse. It means that the license is trying to say that I'm
not allowed to install the software on my neighbour's computer, which I
have no legal control over, even if my neighbourt asks me to help him.

> In contrast if the software is licensed to the DD as a person
> and the computer was not donated to the DD as a person, then
> this clause does not apply to anything the DD does on that
> computer, even if the DD is standing in front of the computer
> logged in as root and with full access to every part of the
> opened up computer cabinet.

I.e. it is non-free, because a free license should certainly allow one
(DD or not) to install and use the software on computers he does not
own. (The question of whether the computer's owner allows this or not
is certainly not something the author of the software has any valid
reason to be concerned about).

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