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Re: Problematic Software Licenses

Henning Makholm wrote:

Scripsit Benjamin Cutler <cutler@cs.colostate.edu>

The problem is that the first license is pretty obviously complete
bunk, because it sounds like a purchased program, not a piece of
source code released to the public. The second license seems to be
less restrictive, but it's pretty vague at the same time.

I have read through your message several times, but did not find any
"second license". Did you forget to paste it in?

Would I be right in saying that this is the second license?


Activision and Raven are releasing this code for people to learn from and play with.
The code retains its original copyright and can not be used for profit,
any work released using this code must contain credit for it.

this is set up for a watcom makefile. it should not be difficult to convert for VC, or whatever.

This is not supported software. But i might be able to a tech question here and there


Lewis Jardine

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