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Font source Re: Social Contract GR's Affect on sarge

> People have argued that since there exists open source tools for 
> editing fonts, font files should be considered their own source, even 
> if Font Foundries have their own preferred source formats and use 
> propietary tools to create font files via a compilation process. 
But the TrueType files are the preferred form of modification for us; 
most people, if offered a choice of the TrueType file or the format the 
font foundries used to edit, they would take the TrueType files.* 
> But we can edit firmware via hex editors too, 
> but firmware is considered evil so they are not considered own 
> "source". 
But almost no one, if given a choice of the binary or the assembly language 
to edit, would choose the binary. At the very least, the assembly would be 
invaluable to deciphering the details of the firmware, and I suspect many 
programmers would write a Q&D assembler to use the assembly if there were  
no free assemblers for the target. 
* As a side note, it's far from true that all of the fonts in Debian 
are produced by font founderies. The Thryomanes fonts are produced by 
a lone programmer using the Macromedia font builder, IIRC. Several 
newer fonts have the PfaEdit source files with them, making this 
whole argument moot for them. 
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