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Re: Re: Squeak in Debian?

Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> There's no general permission to redistribute!  Yes, that's right!

I noticed that, but was thinking that clause 2: "You may distribute and
sublicense such Modified Software only under the terms of a valid,
binding license that makes no representations or warranties on behalf of
Apple, and is no less protective of Apple and Apple's rights than this
License." is possibly OK (as implicit permission to distribute modified
versions, and Debian packages can be easily considered this way). But
maybe not.

The funny thing here is that it seems to be the opposite of other
licenses where only distribution of unmodified versions is permitted. ;)

> It also has a forced-distribution clause for modifications;  I can't make
> modifications and give them to my wife without publishing them to the whole
> world. [...]"

Interesting discovery! But which part of the DFSG is violated here?


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