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Re: DRAFT d-l summary of the OSL v2.0

On Fri, Apr 23, 2004 at 09:21:15AM -0400, Jeremy Hankins wrote:
> 6. No Discrimination Against Types of Use
> The license must not restrict anyone from using the work for any
> purpose.  For example, it may not restrict the work from being used in a
> business, from being used for genetic research, or from being used to
> provide web services.

I think the first sentence is fine, read as "no use restrictions of any kind".
I think the examples and header are too narrow.  Use restrictions against
a "type" of use are just one set; there are lots of others, like "send me a
postcard if you use this for more than a month", and licenses that restrict
use in more obscure ways, sometimes without realizing it.

I'm pretty sure there's a strong consensus that all use restrictions are

Glenn Maynard

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