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Online demonstration support against Software Patents?

Dear project leaders,

Last september many websites participated in a web strike against
software patents. It helped to persuade the European Parliament to
reconfirm the non-patentability of software and to clearly formulate
a right of publication and interoperation with regard to software.

The EU member state ministers will most likely decide in mid may
against the European Parliament and in favor of unlimited
patentability and explicitely against the right of publication and
interoperation. They will then put pressure on the European
Parliament to change its stance.

We have some chances to prevent this course, if we can mobilise public
opinion and mediatise the issue now even more strongly than last year.

You can find more infos on the online strike here:


Important websites are already following the online action:


We hope that your project will reach the online demo.

Thanks for your help,

Henrion Benjamin <bh@udev.org>

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