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Re: MPlayer reloaded

Diego Biurrun wrote:

Walter Landry writes:

I wouldn't say that is really supported by the letter of the license. The license states "the date of any change", not the first and last with a pointer. You could point to existing practice, but not to the license.

In general, I think that section 2a is a bit more restrictive than was really intended, which is why it is so widely flouted.

I agree fully. As I said, adhering to the letter of 2a is completely infeasible IMHO. That's why I explicitly asked for alternatives that are existing practice and acceptable for Debian.


Just to add MHO, "the date of any change" is different the "the date of all changes", isn't it? To the letter, if I put just one date, it's ok...

As English is not my native language, I went to the "official" CC-GPL translated in my native language (Brazilian Portuguese) at


Having in mind that this is AFAIK the only "approved by the FSF" translation of the GPL and the translator, *and* the fsf reviewer agreed in 2a as being "a data de qualquer modificação" == "the date of _any_ change", as opposed to "a data de todas as modificações" == "the date of _each and every_ change"


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