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Re: Debian Legal summary of the X-Oz License

On 2004-03-08 02:52:36 +0000 selussos <mgr@x-oz.com> wrote:

I can only state that if the 4th clause is indeed your concern
there is a lot more software than ours that you should be worried
about, and so I must ask, why aren't you?

I would be. Is there any software that uses your 4th clause as a condition clause?

To date, you have mentioned the X.org licence, which does not do that, but includes the same wording as a notice. I've not found any software with a condition clause like yours, but I've not sunk lots of time into looking. These emails take quite enough time that I don't get paid for.

Just now, someone has pointed out a possible interpretation of the XFree86 1.0 licence which might do that, but I need to see how that develops.

And why is debian
distributing that, and by so doing so obviously acknowledging their
validity but now ours?

As far as I know, it isn't, but even if we had, it would not necessarily "acknowledge their validity". It might be a bug that we should fix.

I would hate to think that something as provincial as prejudice against one our officers is the cause.

I am disappointed that you accuse me of prejudice. Do you have a persecution complex? To the best of my knowledge, I have never come into contact with X-Oz before and don't know much about the firm. Perhaps you think "Branden isn't happy with X-Oz" is a reason to prejudge you. Rest assured, I try to think for myself and don't blindly follow Branden's opinion.

However, throughout this exchange of emails, you have avoided answering questions asked and preferred to reply with unrelated statements or other questions. That experience does slowly make me less happy with X-Oz, for sure. Our different cultures probably don't help, so I try to keep happiness out of it.

At this point, and because of the great amount of time and effort
this is taking, I must ask all of you to address this concern of mine.

Likewise, I make the same request of you. Few (if any) -legal participants are paid to do this and you are sucking volunteer time from our project. Please address our concerns.

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